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This homepage aims to give you essential information about our organization, our work, our mission and all aspects of services we provide. In addition, you will also be able to chat online with us using tweeter, facebook or yahoo messenger to get new information about our product. We hope you will find this homepage informative and useful.


Please select the region you are traveling:
01  ASIA

Asia is a land revered by travellers for centuries, the world's most populous continent is as eclectic, exotic and endearing as they come.


One of the world's truly untamed frontiers, Africa is a rugged land teeming with natural history, phenomenal wildlife and culture.


Europe is the world's most visited destination. Paris, Rome, London, and Berlin are most iconic cities reveal their world-changing histories


The Australia/Pacific region balances timeless landscapes and ancient cultures with its own keen sense of modernity

05  USA & cANADA

A continent that's never afraid to speak its mind, North America is big, bold and full of surprises


Full of effervescent energy and simmering sunlight, Indonesia's islands are sprinkled like a collection of colourful spices.


special offer TAJ MAHAL INDIA
Fr $1,215
special offer HONGKONG BAY
Fr $968
special offer TOKYO JAPAN
Fr $1,998
special offer NEW YORK USA
Fr $2,999
special offer SYDNEY AUSTRALIA
Fr $1,389
special offer COLLOSEUM ROME
Fr $2,271